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Seagot Banasura Resorts

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  • Seagot Banasura Luxury Camping
  • Luxuriously constructed villas.
  • Ultra-modern bathrooms.
  • Ideal site for treasure hunt activities
  • Group entertainment in the evenings

Our Activities


  • Profound sound of silence & the total peace with
    the whole world are what makes this a unique
    in resort Wayand.
  • Tree houses & camping out at night facilities.
  • Indoor, Outdoor activities

Luxury Villas

Water, Air, Earth and the voice of love come together at Seagot Banasura Resorts. In the pristine and private womb of nature, the resort offers you incredible adventure on both land and water. Seagot Banasura Resorts invigorates you with the essence of life.

Tourist Attractions