The TerraiN - Adventure Camp

We indroduce you to a great nature friendly adventure camp site “THE TERRAIN”, located amidst lush green forest and on the fake rolex banks of Banasura Earthern Dam, where beautiful flowers are in full bloom and scenery of lakes are seen from every where. You, your family or friends can rolex uk enjoy great scenic view of Banasura Earthern Dam, and friendly service that provide atmost level of satisfaction. THE TERRAIN is an adventure camp site that creats a new trend in stylish, cozy and rolex uk comfortable tented accommodation on the banks of Banasura Earthern Dam & specializes in adventure sports for individual travelers and OUT BOUND TRAINING PROGRAMS for CORPORATE GROUPS.


Consisting a pulley suspended on a cable usually make of stainless steel mounted on a slope. It is design to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to , or attaching to, the freely moving pulley.


At Seagot Banasura Resort guest can experience fishing on the banks of Banasura Dam reservoir. The resort boast lengthy strench of private land adjoining the Banasura dam.

Mountain Cycling

The camp terrain is equiped with best quality mountain bikes, guest can explore local nearby sightseeing spots. The vast landscape of the camp sight is suitable for a hardcore cyclist.


Jumaring is the technique climbers use to ascend on a rope. It requires two ascending devices (one for each hand), and two nylon ladders, called “aiders”, for the feet.

Paintball Target Shooting

It is a target shooting with paintball gun. The gun is loaded with paintball and the firing happening with the help of carbondioxide.

Burma Bridge

The Burma rope bridge is the classic rope walking activity for the thrill seekers. It involves a thick rope on the base to walk upon, and then two ropes on the sides to hold on to as this bridge stretches across an area.

Sky Walk

An elevated bridge like walkway built to cross from one area to another.

Commando Walking

This bridge is made of two ropes, one for walking on and the second for holding and balancing.


It is an activity where you shoot an arrow from a bow to the target.


The groups will be given different materals to build a catepuller. Once they make it, they are asked to shoot the ball using the catepuller. Who shoots the longest and who makes the best are given points.

Mine field

It is common and fun filled game. A chess board like square is made on the groud and the individuals from the group is blind folded and have to walk through the squares not touching the line or the objects placed in various squares.

Group activities for Corporates and Individual groups

As per the needs of the group we can customise and suggest various team building activities to meet their needs.

Ice breaker

This is particulary an activity to make the groups warm up to do the rest of the activities. The different groups get assembled and the instructor guides them with different ice breaking sessions.

Australian Plank

This activity is done for groups of 6-7 pax in a team. A set of squire pipe with rope attached to it is given and the groups pacing their feet on the pipe have to walk from point A to Point B and then Point B to Point A to finish the race. They are not permitted to touch the ground.

Mission Impossible

It is a rope activity. One of the team members has to hang on the rope using harness and carabiner and be lying facing down. Different objects are placed in circle and the other team members are given extended ropes to move him/her to pick up the objects placed at various points in a circle.

Dutch and Dike

It is water activity. The groups will be given big pipes with holes on it. The object to the team is to pick the ball that is placed inside the pipe filling water to it. The team has to protect the holes using theri fingures or body not allowing the water to leak out and making the ball to come up as the water level increases.

A-frame walk

It a fun filled game. A structer which exactly looks “A” has been made with logs and on the top the ropes are tied. One person from the team has to stand on the cross section of the frame and the others holding the ropes should make him walk without letting him land on the ground from point A to point B.

Leaky reley

It is also a water activity. A bucket of water and an empty bucket will be placed at a distance. The group members to stand in between and pass the water hand to hand and the fill it in the empty bucket.

Longest yard

This to form a long chain. The group and use whatever they have in hand to form a long chain. The group which forms the longest chain wins.